Learn About Belles & Beau Boutique

Learn About Belles & Beau Boutique

We’re a top children’s boutique in Sulphur, LA

Kendra Phipps is the proud owner of Belles & Beau Boutique in Sulphur, LA. She loves dressing her three little girls, so she decided to dedicate that passion to a children’s boutique.

Kendra also opened the boutique as a way to cope with the loss of her two grandfathers. She finds comfort in the possibility that the children’s apparel and baby shoes may become your family heirlooms.

Belles & Beau is a family owned business. Kendra's mother, Lisa, works really hard to make sure everything is perfect. They are a mother-daughter team along with Kendra's cousin, Genee, who is an employee at the boutique.

Whether you’re searching for accessories for girls or a new bathing suit for your tween, choose Belles & Beau Boutique. Visit our children’s clothing store in Sulphur, LA today to shop the latest fashions of children’s apparel and shoes.

3 things you’ll find at Belles & Beau Boutique

We carry kid’s clothes that you won’t find at other children’s clothing stores in Sulphur, LA. Come by our boutique to browse a wide selection of:

  1. Children’s apparel
  2. Baby and kid’s shoes
  3. Kid’s accessories

We’ll help you put together picture-perfect outfits for all of your children. Spruce up your tiny tots’ wardrobes with unforgettable children’s apparel from Belles & Beau Boutique. We look forward to seeing you and your little ones soon!